Christmas Nîmois

Christmas – the most magical time of the year, when the whole family is together, everybody is superhappy and loves everyone – was approaching. But since I don’t think of it in this way, I was awaiting for Christmas in Nîmes. Plus, the tickets are superexpensive, it takes way too long to get back to my … More Christmas Nîmois

Light Up Christmas

Around a month before the famous December 25, the Christmas spirit arrives everywhere in the form of Christmas markets, different decorations and lights in the streets and on buildings. It’s like this for example in Hungary, in Germany and also in France. The shops are decorated: The statues are lit up: The most important buildings … More Light Up Christmas

What happens at the Feria, stays at the Feria

So what is a feria? Officially, it is a festival in Spain and in the South of France caracterized by bullfights, bulls running in the streets and bodegas / outdoor bars. Unofficially, it is a four-day-long madness that takes place twice a year in Nîmes and attracts many French and foreigners from everywhere. The streets are … More What happens at the Feria, stays at the Feria

Reporting from work

I officially started working on the 17th of August. Working hours, waking up, working every weekday from 9.30 to 17.30, colleagues, days off, negotiation for days off, party during the weekend only (or bear with the consequences). These are the key elements of my new, adult life. I haven’t written about my work earlier because it is … More Reporting from work